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Eco Root Barrier Sheet
  • Eco Root Barrier Sheet 1번 상세이미지 썸네일
  • Eco Root Barrier Sheet 2번 상세이미지 썸네일
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Eco Root Barrier Sheet

It is a high-performing root barrier material sheet that is composed of more than 99.9% pure copper that prevents root penetration. (New Technology No. 560)

Size 1M *50M

THK 0.2

The Auxin (plant growth hormone) of cooper is applied to prevent the growth of main roots.

The cooper sheet is composed of more than 99.9% cooper to prevent plants from penetrating the sheet.

The metal (copper) components allow superior surface hardness

The copper sheet is composed of more than 99% pure cooper with excellent resistance against plant roots

Aluminum membrane component yields a slight insulating effect

Maintains the integrity of waterproofing layer by reinforcing the sheet joints with cooper tape

Excellent corrosion resistance and antibacterial property

Easy cutting and easy application

Type / Purpose and Features
  • Architecture : Construction of gardens on rooftops or vegetation layers above underground parking, etc.,
  • Civil engineering : Forming Parks Above Underground Roads and Ecological Tunnels Project
  • Size 1M *50M
  • THK 0.2


Products Used Together (New Technology No. 560)
Eco Seal

Eco Seal

In any vegetated roofing systems and areas
where a waterproofing system with a root barrier is required.

Eco Seal

Eco bronze tape

Copper tape applied at the joints of Eco Root Barrier Sheets

Product Characteristics
Eco Green Roof Sheet
Eco Green Roof Sheet
Uniqueness of the Method
01. Korea’s first root barrier sheet technology! [New Technology No. 560]

It uses Tray from copper obtained in agriculture to prevent root growth.

* Research Paper - Effects of Copper-coated Plug Trays on Seedling Quality and Growth of Chinese Cabbage (Brassica campestris L.) after Transplanting by Young Rog Yeong et al.

Unprocessed Tray image

Unprocessed Tray

Less small roots,high root development

[Cu] Tray image

[Cu] Tray

More small roots, low root development

02 Eco Root Barrier Sheet made with Copper’s excellent long-term life through oxide film and high resistance against corrosion

CU Root Barrier Sheet Durability

Approximately 24 years (*The thickness of the Root Barrier Sheet is 0.035mm)

Strong resistance against corrosion even in salty and humid areas

National Assembly image

National Assembly (Constructed in 1975)

Built for 40 years

The Independence Hall of Korea image

The Independence Hall of Korea (Constructed in 1987)

Built for 30 years

03. Integration of Waterproofing and Root Prevention!

It reacts in an adhesive, flexible and semi-permanent manner to the movement of the building, while at the same time preventing any root penetrations.

Eco Seal is an eco-friendly, highly adhesive and flexible waterproofing coating material that does not use any solvents that meets the VOCs standards.


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