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There are no geographical borders when it comes to the dream of complete waterproofing.

Turbo Seal
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Turbo Seal

Gel-type waterproofing materials with flexibility, adhesiveness and self-healing characteristics

Turbo Seal 인증마크

Korea’s 10 Best New Technologies

Enrolled in international standard ISO TR 16475

Difference from Existing Waterproofing Materials

Superior adhesiveness, substrate behavior, self-healing, semi-permanence, safety against outdoor environmental conditions

Compatibility with heterogeneous materials / continued layers on both old and new waterproof layers

Superior temperature stability

Environmentally friendly (Green technology, eco-friendly certification mark, UL certification mark, Singapore eco-friendly marking, drinking water test results, Fish, Acute Toxicity)

Selected for the Incheon International Airport Open Assessment (Level 2-3)

Type / Purpose and Features


Turbo Seal H


Architecture, Civil infrastructure
New/maintenance waterproofing material
– Excellent Procurement Product


Turbo Seal GT

(Green Technology)

Architecture, Civil infrastructure
New/maintenance waterproofing material


Turbo Seal R


Leakage maintenance material for rooftop structures


Turbo Seal U


Leakage maintenance material for underground structures


Turbo Seal D

(Diaphragm Wall)

Coating waterproofing materials for blindside structures


Eco Seal

(Eco Seal)

Structures with vegetation layers,
Waterproof materials for civil infrastructure

Product Characteristics

Turbo Seal realized the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport’s standard specifications on the substrate behavior of more than 10mm written on “Waterproofing material and method performance evaluation on utility tunnels.”

It passed high-, room-, and low-temperature tests on repetition of movement for more than 300 times!

Korea’s 10 Best New Technologies (2013)

Korea’s 10 Best New Technologies (2013)

A new waterproofing technology recognized in the global market and protected by the government!
Turbo Seal is selected as one of Korea’s 10 Best New Technologies along with conglomerates such as Samsung, LG, and Hyundai Motors!

Heterogeneous materials compatibility

Forms a stable waterproof layer regardless of the base type and status using high adhesiveness and flexibility gel-type waterproof materials

Superior temperature stability

Successfully completed waterproofing projects from Russia (-40℃) to Dubai (60℃)


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