Renew System that achieved the world’s first complete waterproofing system with new materials and new technology

Construction New Technology

Restorative Method

Disaster-Prevention New Technology No. 44-2 / ISO TR 16475

Korea 10 Best

[SRPG: Synthetic rubber polymerized adhesive gel] Underground facility leakage repair technology that uses Turbo Seal
(Synthetic rubber polymerized gel grout)

recreating waterproof image
Advancement in Construction

[SRPG] - Synthetic rubber polymerized gel grout (Turbo Seal) is injected to the damaged back layer to restore the existing
waterproof layer and recreate the new waterproof layer for a fundamental leakage repair

The principle of recreating waterproof layer using SRPG ( Synthetic rubber polymerized gel grout) Turbo Seal
  • Leakage found at an underground structure joint image

    Leakage found at an underground structure joint

  • Inject SRPG around joints in the back layer image

    Inject SRPG around joints in the back layer

  • nject adhesive gel to other leakage cracks in the back layer image

    Inject adhesive gel to other leakage cracks in the back layerRestoration of damaged sheet layer by the back waterproof layer and prevention of water flow to other areas

Excellent Maintenance

First waterproofing company to register in ISO/TR international standard

Certified image
Synthetic rubber polymer gel injection method [SRPG] for the recreation of the waterproofing layer

New technology in concrete structure maintenance / leakage and cracks repairs

Injection method for the formation of waterproof layers (Turbo Seals)

  • Excellent Maintenance image
Economies of the Method
Economies of the Method
Construction Area Existing Method renew systemFull Gel and Green Technology Rapid Method
Durability 3 Years 10 Years
Expected # of Repairs (based on 30 years) 10 times 3 times
Repair method Entire reinstallation Part reinstallation
Repair cost (per repair) KRW 62,250 (KRW 622,500) KRW 3,316 (KRW 9,948)

(Area of repair = Assume 10% of the total area)

Initial Investment Cost
(per ㎡ floor)
KRW 62,250 KRW 33,164




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