Renew System that achieved the world’s first complete waterproofing system with new materials and new technology

Construction New Technology

Waterproofing & Green Roof System

New Technology No. 560

Copper-based root barrier sheet blocks Auxin (plant growth hormones)
to prevent any root growth and activates small roots

Waterproofing & Green Roof System

Drainage plate

Protective layer
[Different for each structure]

Copper Root Barrier Sheet 0.2mm

Eco Seal (Waterproof) 2.0mm


Copper Root Barrier Sheet

Copper Root Barrier Sheet image

Eco Seal

Eco Seal image
  • Architecture : Structures including rooftops, underground parking, etc.
  • Civil engineering : Underground structures including railways, power plants, sewage treatments, utility tunnels, and underground roads
Uniqueness of the Method
01. Korea’s first root barrier sheet technology! [New Technology No. 560]

It uses Tray from copper obtained in agriculture to prevent root growth.

* Research Paper - Effects of Copper-coated Plug Trays on Seedling Quality and Growth of Chinese Cabbage (Brassica campestris L.)
after Transplanting by Young Rog Yeong et al.

무처리 Tray image

Unprocessed Tray

Less small roots, high root development

구리 [Cu] Tray image

[Cu] Tray

More small roots, low root development

02 Eco Root Barrier Sheet made with Copper’s excellent long-term life through oxide film and high resistance against corrosion

CU Root Barrier Sheet Durability

Approximately 24 years (*The thickness of the Root Barrier Sheet is 0.035mm)

Strong resistance against corrosion even in salty and humid areas

National Assembly image

National Assembly (Constructed in 1975)

Built for 40 years

The Independence Hall of Korea image

The Independence Hall of Korea (Constructed in 1987)

Built for 30 years

03. Integration of Waterproofing and Root Prevention!

It reacts in an adhesive, flexible and semi-permanent manner to the movement of the building, while at the same time preventing any root penetrations.

Eco Sealis an eco-friendly, highly adhesive and flexible waterproofing coating material that does not use any solvents that meets the VOCs standards.

Advancement in Construction

Waterproof and root barrier in one!

STEP1 image

STEP1Apply Eco Seal

STEP2 image

STEP2Install Copper Root Barrier

STEP3 image

STEP3Install Cooper Tape at joints

STEP4 image

STEP4Construct protection layer

Economies of the Method
Economies of the Method
Construction-Area Existing Method renew systemWaterroofing/Roof-Barrier Method
Durability 3 Years 10 Years
Expected # of Repairs (based on 30 years) 10 times 3 times
Repair method Entire reinstallation Part reinstallation
Repair cost (per repair) KRW 183,419 KRW 3,316

(Area of repair = Assume 10% of the total area)

Initial Investment
(per ㎡ floor)
KRW 183,419 KRW 62,831



Excellent Maintenance

First waterproofing company to register in ISO/TR international standard

Certified image
Synthetic rubber polymer gel injection method [SRPG] for the recreation of the waterproofing layer

New technology in concrete structure maintenance / leakage and cracks repairs

Injection method for the formation of waterproof layers (Turbo Seals)

  • Excellent Maintenance image


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